Paul Legault

Paul Legault is a New York-based writer, designer and co-editor of Fence. Projects include books, translations, essays, exhibitions, and publishing. His books include Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror 2 from Fence Books,The Emily Dickinson Reader: An English to English Translation of The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson from McSweeney’s, The Other Poems: a series of 14-line plays also from Fence, and The Madeleine Poems from Omnidawn. His book Lunch Poems 2 will be out from Spork Press this spring.


Some of his recent publications include “An Interview with Peter Gizzi for the National Book Foundation ↝ “The Walt Whitman Reader” in Hello Mr. ↝ “Not Heat Flames up and Consumes” in Ain’t Bad ↝ “De Imagine Mundi 2” in The Awl ↝ Literary Adaptation: Writing Through Rewriting for Poets House ↝ The Literary Magazine in America at the NYPL ↝ A Brief Anthology of Quotations for Vice ↝ “The Tower” in The Third Rail.

It’s exciting that such an inventive and prolific contemporary poet will visit our class! You can find a lot more information about Legault on his website.
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