Groups for March 15

  • Identify a scene or passage in Frankenstein that raises questions about the human explored by the text I’ve assigned your group.
  • Reflect on similarities and differences in the way the two texts handle these questions.
  • Choose a short passage from your assigned text that might help you interpret the novel.
  • Make a short list of other works that have an intertextual relationship with Shelley’s novel that involves some of the questions about the human raised in your assigned reading. If you were going to write about any of these texts, what would you do next?
Rousseau: Emily, Shaneeza, Minire, Amara, Mikki
Smith: Muneeza, Lisa, Victor, Christian, Kim
Wollstonecraft: Nick A, Tabi, Salia, Ayesha, Polly
Douglass: Maggie, Andrew, Jordan, Caitlin
Urban: Nick G., Allison, Sabrina, Vanessa, Kaitlin
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