Writing Activity: March 22 & March 27

Pretend you are Jill Lepore, author of “The Strange and Twisted Life of Frankenstein.” Your editor has asked you to add a paragraph about the connection to Get Out to your article.  Choose the place in the article it makes the most sense to insert the paragraph and write it with these guidelines in mind:

  1. Use at least one but not more than two critical sources.
  2. Think carefully about verbs and stances (see my handout).
  3. Describe the intertextual relationship between Frankenstein and Get Out using specific language. What type of intertextuality is this? I suggest looking at the Charles Bazerman article on intertextuality on our Supplemental Readings page. It will help you find language to describe specific relationships between texts–probably the most difficult part of this assignment.
  4. Be sure to include transitions that make the paragraph fit within the article as a whole.
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